SCIM is a groundbreaking mission. It is going to be the first round trip ever to Mars, and secondly, it’ll be the first ever sample return from Mars.
— Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa, Arizona State University

Bringing Mars to Earth

The Sample Collection to Investigate Mars (SCIM) mission will embark on a breakthrough journey inspiring the world with an entirely new view of Mars. SCIM will return the first samples of Martian materials to Earth without the complexity and risk of landing, and at a fraction of the cost. As the first round trip mission to Mars, SCIM will break new ground, and set the stage for future visits to Mars by humans.

SCIM, as a mission, achieves out of the box science by deploying in-the-box technology. So the bottom line is that every system element proposed has been done before, and it’s already qualified for its applications on SCIM.
— Steve Battel, Battel Engineering