Advancing basic research in the Earth and space sciences for the benefit of humanity.

Scientific Discovery

Space-based science is a cornerstone for investigating profound questions of our existence and destiny. Generating extraordinary discoveries – whether roving Mars or discovering new planets, there is so much more to know.

Captivating Missions

By flying space missions with compelling science goals, using private funding and commercial development paradigms, BoldlyGo advances science and broadens engagement for future space exploration.


Getting to Mars...and back.



Understanding our home world

Project Blue

Project Blue

The search for Earth-like planets around our nearest neighbors.


Join the Adventure

Support our mission and join us in exploring planets and the universe beyond.

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Our Mission

BoldlyGo Institute is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of space science and exploration.

The BoldlyGo Institute will accelerate world-class scientific discovery using the space environment, transform the funding model for space science and exploration, redefine advanced spacecraft development, engage faculty and students at universities in experiential science & engineering activities, and create tangible impacts in public engagement through citizen science and participatory exploration.